Multiple Card Readings

Suggested Methods

spiral3 graphic for the Six Card Spread

This reading uses the Major Path cards and three guide cards representing inner, outer and hidden guidance.
Six Card Method
spiral graphic for Seven Card Layout

This reading uses the Major Path cards and four guide cards representing the four cardinal directions.
Seven Card Layout
spiral graphic for a Ten Card Reading

This reading uses the Major Path cards and seven guide cards representing four cardinal directions, above, below and within.
Ten Card Reading

When I use more than one card, I always select Three Major Path Cards
elffin Present Card:
elffin Life Purpose Card:
elffin Current Journey Card:
In addition, while the basic three are adequate for simple inquiries, I like to add Guide Cards for more complex purposes. Below, I offer three suggestions for translation structures. Of course you are welcome to find your own.
elffin Three Guides
used in the six card method.
elffin Four Guides
used in the seven card method.
elffin Seven Guides
used in the ten card method.

The Six Card Reading.

This is a reading for which three major path cards and three supportive guide cards will be drawn and placed in such a way that relationships between energies, environments and intuitive impressions can be visualized and fit together in a cohesive life overview showing the sources of guidance and direction of growth.


elffin Life Card This is a master referent clearly indicating the life purpose of the individual. Sometimes it is obvious that this selection is about a person's career or some other major activity. Sometimes it is about the way a person uses energy and points to a direction of movement in the life. However, sometimes, as if to force a shift from a too intellectual view, the card will evade a quick read.

This provides a wonderful opportunity for receiving information.

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elffin Current Journey or Cycle The key to understanding this place in the reading is that the individual is undergoing a specific period of process which she can identify. It may help to think of it as the current of a river, carrying one along. It may be a particular course of study, a relationship, a work project, or a major life lesson lasting days or years. But it is identifiable and its relationship to other cards is important.

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elffin Three Guide Cards. The order of selection is up to the reader. In this spread, each card will correspond with one of three perspectives relative to the individual. That is, one card - not necessarily the first drawn - will represent hidden inner guidance (examples of which may be meditation, trance, prayer).

Another guide card will indicate where the individual's common guidance usually comes from: as from friends, walks in natural places, counselors or some other obvious pathway. And a another card, again not necessarily the third drawn, shows who hidden outer guidance comes from (angelic or devic realms, ancestors, collective telepathic connections, for some examples).

What is especially important about piecing together this information about parts of the personality, projections and connections is that, relative to the major cards, the reader can see how and why process work supports or blocks movement and growth (both, necessary elements in containing the largely at random developments of Soul work), the trends in direction of energy, and what shifts are possible, what transformation inevitable.


The final selection is the card representing elffin Present As finite as any individual moment may seem, in this reading it is easy to see how a moment can be the source of the whole. This card, which should be placed at center, with the guide cards positioned around it, is like a holon, a piece of a hologram, in that whatever is going on in the present continues to reverberate through all time/space, a perfect, if less energetic version of the whole.

Sample Reading with Six Cards

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The Seven Card Spread

This is a reading for which the order of selection of cards provides a structure by which to visualize relationships between cards based on four guide cards representing cardinal directions and their associated characteristics.

Begin with the three
elffin major path cards: Life Card, Current Journey and Present.
Along with these


elffin Four Guide Cards: The order of selection is up to the reader. But in this spread, each card will correspond with one of the cardinal directions, which should be identified before drawing. East: The reader will have associations with this direction, such as beginnings, air, intellect, Eagle and dawn.

Whichever correlates the reader is used to are correct for this reading. They will be used to build bridges between the three major cards (life, current journey, and present moment). Consider, also, how the energy of the East card intermixes with the energies of the other guide cards. South: In choosing the second card, again order is only important according to what characteristics the reader believes correspond with an agreed upon direction. Whichever card the reader says is the South guide, becomes the South Guide.

Before drawing the card the reader will already have associations such as spirit, fire, midday and Phoenix. When the West and North guide cards have been selected, (again, based on reader's beliefs) all the energies, and images of the chosen guides can be seen, collectively, as parts of a circle, phases of a cycle and perhaps as parts of the personality or as working in conjunction with parts of the personality or the community or whatever and whoever are involved in the Current Journey.

Sample Layout with Seven Cards

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The Ten Card Layout

This is a reading for which
three major path cards and seven supportive guide cards will be drawn and placed in such a way that relationships between energies, environments and intuitive impressions can be visualized and fit together in a cohesive life overview.

elffin The guide cards, based on four cardinal directions, Sky and Ground coordinates and an Inner referent will provide a structure by which to identify and characterize components of the individual's life direction and growth.

Begin with the three major path cards: Life card, Current Journey and Present.



Seven Guide Cards:

The order of selection is up to the reader. But in this spread, the seven guides should be assigned before drawing. Attributes associated with the various points in the support card complex are based on the reader's beliefs and as much as possible should be identified before the reading.

For example, the reader may hold a set of symbolic associations for each direction (something like: West is about emotions, water, whales and healing OR Sky is about cosmic direction, star travel and masculine spiritual guidance and so on). The reader should be fairly clear about her preconceptions because they will form the structure for interpreting the Earth Voice messages.

Still, each reading is as much a learning experience for the reader as for the individual for whom the reading is being given. An open heart is required! I like the idea of having the Sky, Ground and Inner Guides close to the central major path card. But really, it's up to the reader. A spiral toward center is another way.

Sample Spread with Ten Cards

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